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Who are we

AGROPRODUKT D.O.O., is a family company originated in a rural environment and 100% owned by the Bojic family.

The story of the beginnings of today’s Agoprodukt, started back in 1968, when a beverage shop owned by the then Dzervin from Knjazevac was opened.

The current owner and founder has thus acquired his knowledge and experience and in 1989 he opened the first private store, and four years later AGROPRODUKT .DOO., He started production and packaging of grain and powder products as well as consumer goods.

Ownership and management of the company became his lifestyle, which involved taking care of people and maintaining family atmosphere among employees.

This family policy of keeping the company kept up to this day. Such an atmosphere and access to customers is what is recognizable for Agroprodukt.

The small rural environment did not affect the company’s development, but introduced all the necessary innovations and standards (HCCP) in production.

In the construction and development of the company we participated alone without any help. We learned about our mistakes, only used our resources and built our work slowly and on healthy grounds. No expectation of success overnight.

In the market, we are best known for keeping the word and agreement, and so suppliers, business partners and customers have a lot of confidence in us. Behind us stands our knowledge and hard work, and the basis for everything is to provide our customers with quality products at the most affordable prices.

Everything we do is aimed at customers and their needs.

What do you get with us

Food safety

Production is organized in accordance with the HACCP management system. The HACCP system is of great importance for food producers and regulates the production and marketing of health-safe food. Application of HACCP management system in food production and control increases the level of safety and hygienic correctness of foods at all stages of production, which guarantees quality.

Our products from the production plant are packaged from the selected and the highest quality raw materials from the domestic and foreign markets.

Social Responsibility

Our company takes care of its employees. We are about society, ie. community responsibly fulfilling all our obligations. We are developing good relations with all of us.


We strive to focus our business in the direction of environmental protection, because society is facing the problem of increasing environmental pollution. Following the level of social responsibility, it is striving to pay more attention to this issue.