Meet Agroprodukt!

AGROPRODUKT D.O.O., is a family company originated in a rural environment and 100% owned by the Bojic family.

The story of the beginnings of today’s Agoprodukt, started back in 1968, when a beverage shop owned by the then Dzervin from Knjazevac was opened.

The current owner and founder has thus acquired his knowledge and experience and in 1989 he opened the first private store, and four years later AGROPRODUKT D.O.O., He started production and packaging of grain and powder products as well as consumer goods.

Satisfy the needs of consumers by offering products of an adequate level of quality, in accordance with good manufacturing practice, positive regulations and social responsibility.

To achieve the best possible position on the domestic and foreign markets. In this sense, we follow the trends of development of this type of business and constantly improve our business.


We pack for you!

AGROPRODUKT deals with frying, grinding and packing of grain and powdered raw materials for the needs of retail chains and other smaller clients. Packaging can be done in your or our packaging.


How to order?

  • 1. Select a product

    See our online store and find products that you like and click on them.

  • 2. Add it to the basket

    When you find the desired product, add it to the basket. If you want more than one product, click on it, type the amount of the product you want and then add it to the basket.

  • 3. Fill out the form

    When you have filled the basket, continue to the cash register. Carefully fill out the form.

  • 4. Enter the desired address

    Pay particular attention to the address you enter, as the order will arrive at that address. If you want to add more about the order, you can add it to the box at the bottom of the page.

  • 5. You will get an order and enjoy it

    By e-mail you will receive confirmation of purchase, and you will pay when receiving goods. Enjoy!

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